Verma, Vinod: Ayurveda for Life

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Nutrition, Sexual Energy & Healing

1997, 23cm, broschiert, englisch, 164 Seiten mit Zeichnungen und s/w Fotos.

"Ayurveda for Life is a practical guide for using Ayurvedic concepts to nourish the body, nurture sexuality, and balance body and mind for healing. Dr. Verma explains how the food you eat, and how you prepare it, relates to both sexual energy and healing. This book contains dynamic material; how to use spices, just-plain-good vegetarian recipes, and some very special Indian aphrodisiacs, all brought together with Dr. Verma's own balanced, professional, but vibrant voice. She explains the three humors (kapha, pitta, and vata) in relation to the qualities of mind (sattva, rajas, and tamas) and the importance of balancing these qualitites for good health and sexual fulfillment."

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